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About Us

Our Mission

To improve access to justice for the injured and harmed by supporting the legal industry with strategic capital, all while delivering exceptional results for our investors.

Our Values

We put our investors first: Every client, every time, no exceptions, no excuses.

As a fiduciary, every decision we make has our client’s best interests in mind.

We are Excelsior: Ever Higher!

We push ourselves to constantly raise the bar. To reach ever higher and elevate everything around us.

We are Dynamic: Always Changing.

In a world where change is the only certainty, agility and resiliency are your greatest allies. So, we embrace it. We expect it. And we’ve learned to love it.

Our Team

Our leadership team is comprised of seasoned operating executives with decades of combined experience in banking and legal services. We leverage our expertise and industry relationships to provide market advantage to our investors.

Rocky Stubbs
Managing Partner
Jorge Davila
Managing Director
Zak Rutz
Managing Director
David Moynan
Chief Information Officer
Dr. Sarvjeet Singh, Ph.D.
Biomedical Analytics
Ben Browder, J.D.
General Counsel
Nick Toth
Senior Vice President
Yasir Bashir
Vice President
Maxx Frazer
Vice President
Patrick Westhoven
Vice President
Andrew Wallach
Senior Director
Sean Armbruster
Sean Sanders
Michael Graska
Senior Business Analyst
Max Ginsberg
Senior Operations Analyst
Phil Mora
Senior Operations Analyst
Cortney Wahlstedt
Senior Operations Analyst
Gilbert Mendoza
Business Analyst
Brandon Ortegon
Operations Analyst
Matthew Spry
Operations Analyst
Alan Velez
Data Analyst
Our Culture

A great team thrives on a strong culture. We’re a dedicated team focused on helping our investors succeed by helping each other. We prioritize collaboration and compliance in everything we do and provide solutions and services tailored to our investors’ needs.

While the diversity of our backgrounds and relationships is our strength, it’s our shared values that guide us and help us grow as a team, making us ready to take on whatever the future holds.